xperienced guides conduct day and night game viewing in open safari vehicles. Mammals ranging from the larger and most majestic Kudu to the smallest golden mole are present in the reserve. An interesting thought that the golden mole, with a metallic green and golden fur, is only found in the Limpopo Bushveld region.

Predators on the reserve include leopard, caracal, brown hyena, several varieties of felids, including serval and the African Wild cat.

Lion are kept in a separate enclosure as part of the Panthera Leo Gene Preservation Project.

Enjoy guided bush walks and excursions ascending “Witkop” for afternoon sundowners and African sunsets.

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Scheduled Drive times fluctuate depending on the season:

Summer: 06h00 – 16h30 (September ~ April)
Winter: 06h30 – 16h00 (May ~ August)