Affordable Wildlife Accommodation

Book Your Dream Holiday with Affordable Accommodation in the Heart of South Africa’s Wildlife Region

The Kruger National Park is renowned around the world for its unrivalled game and wildlife. It is home to countless species of birds and game, and attracts visitors from around the globe every year. If you are looking for a way to get up close and personal with Africa, we are ready to welcome you to our luxury private game lodge. At Zwahili Private Game Lodge & Spa, you know you can always look forward to luxury accommodation without breaking the bank. Continue reading

Private Game Lodge and Luxury Accommodation

Luxury Game Lodge Accommodation in Limpopo That is Accessible and Affordable

The joy of culinary delights under the African stars and the plush surroundings of luxury accommodation in the African wild is no longer reserved for the affluent and well off. People from all walks of life are heading to the Kruger National Park for safaris and holidays of a lifetime. You no longer have to break your bank account to afford a luxury stay in the heart of South Africa’s game and wildlife Mecca. Continue reading

Wildlife Spa

Need a Wildlife Spa Getaway?  Choose Carefully!

Are you a wildlife fanatic, but still love the luxury of a good spa?  Do you find it hard to choose between a beauty treatment or massage, and an awesome game drive?  Are you having a hard time deciding whether to choose a luxury spa or a fabulous game lodge for your next getaway?  Then you will be happy to know that there are places where you can do both!

There are indeed some game lodges with spas that provide a wildlife spa experience.  It is, however, prudent to choose carefully, as there is much more to a wildlife spa getaway than just the wildlife and the spa!  In addition to this, you have to choose your spa carefully, because regular spa fanatics know that it is about much more than just a room where beauty treatments are performed! Continue reading

Game Drive Weekend

Finding the Perfect Place for Your Game Drive Weekend

Do you adore the African bushveld and are you crazy about game drives?  Does getting up close to animals in their natural habitat thrill you?  If you are someone who loves to get out there and get close to the African wildlife, a game drive weekend is just what you need to get the blood flowing and to stimulate your senses.

There is nothing like driving slowly in a specially adapted game drive vehicle at sunrise and watching the wildlife around you wake up to a brand new day.  Game drives at sunset are just as good, and this is the time where you are more likely to catch game and predators at a watering hole, quenching their thirst after a long, hot day on the African plains.  If you are looking for a superb game drive weekend experience, we have just the place for you! Continue reading